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TUE 11 FEB 8PM to THU 20 FEB

from 11th to 20th, PLATOON presents SHOWCASE REBOOT VOL. 27, this time with G-SIMS. below is the interview with G-SIMS at PLATOON, prior to his first SHOWCASE REBOOT.

vivid and colorful, rough but lively strokes sometimes make you forget what's actually IN the painting.
detailed and bold art works are done by G-SIMS's fingers. we wanted to hear more about how does it happen.


i totally forgot about it was painted by fingers when i first saw your art work. how is it different when it uses normal brush to paint?

i normally concentrate on colors and strokes rather than forms and shapes. and i always wanted to get rid of the level between art piece and the audience. for me, the barrier between art piece and the audience was the brush. so in that way i wanted to get rid of what brush does to the art piece - but doesn't mean that i hate to do it with brush, but it's more of i wanted to portray it in more transparent and in more bold way.
of course details are hard to catch. that's  why i dry my art work first and then use pinky finger to draw small details.

your art piece normally captures the front face or the close-ups. is there any specific reasons for that?

it is to show emotions. i want to draw emotions only by using colors and touches, and in that way, the front faces and the close-ups are the best to represent emotions. i normally get inspirations from films and documentaries as well, and all those momentary scenes inspire my art piece. by taking photos and watching documentaries, i am inspired. i also fancy documentaries of animals.


i've done hand drawing once i was young. (it's called Decalcomanie i guess) it was never easy for me to draw with my fingers. what is so difficult when you draw with your fingers?

most importantly, i do not use oil paint. i mean i cannot. because oil paint is too strong for skin i always get rashes. i am also very hot-tempered so i cannot wait until the oil paint gets dried. that's why i decided to paint with acrylic paint. but because of that, i try to make it look like oil painting as much as i can.
when i'm in my work mode, i try not to touch stuffs around me, but it's always hard not to do. paints are everywhere - my computer, walls, and even dishes in the kitchen. towel next to my easel does not help me that much.


when looking at G-SIMS with his low and quiet voice, i found the twist in him when he said his favorite art piece was the gorilla face when he cries out loud. now it's the time for you all to find the twist in his painting - whether it is painted by fingers or not.



About G-SIMS

as a finger painting artist, all his art works start at the tip of his finger. G-SYMS expresses all his inner feelings including passion, rage, desire through his works. he says finger painting is the most primitive way of portraying his world. through his private exhibition 'The see of imminent anger' and Daegu Art Fair of 'fighting cock' series, he depicted feelings and emotions of certain moments through his own colors.

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