inspired by North Korean defectors’ lives, the dance performance GUEST happens on the muddy and dirt ground in slow motions. but this show is not something gloomy, but tells the story of the reality.


GUEST was performed in Zurich and Berlin already and now in Seoul. what was the initiatives for this performance in the very beginning?
it started out from our casual talk on the current issues that we revolving in Berlin. as a foreigner living in Berlin, (Hyoungmin is from South Korea and Tommi is from Switcherland) we have heard a lot of news of immigrants having hard time settling in a totally new environment as ‘refugee’. (then she mentioned this news on a group of Africans setting up a refugee camp in the middle of Berlin but was immediately pushed away by the government.) Not only that, as a South Korean, hearing all those news of North Korean defectors always made me have something in my mind.
we sometimes had momentous thoughts “what are we doing here as a foreigner?’ – in the middle of wealthy city of European continent, Berlin, we could not stop questioning ourselves, what we are doing in the middle of overflow and splurges, while we have no connection to the conflicts at all (like we can get visas whenever you want and can always leave the country freely). So that was the beginning when we first looked at ourselves and found what’s the desire in the people (per say immigrants) and us, and what holds them back from reaching out for the desire.

so you saw the contracting irony of people’s desire when you were in Berlin. while someone is enjoying the maximum freedom, someone is dying from hunger.
yes, in a way. like when people just jump into the train because they could not afford the minimum amount of money for food. that’s when we started to look at the side where we can think of the ‘respect’ for those people. our reference also came from the movie IN THIS WORLD (2012) by Michael Winterbottom, (this movie is about two refugees running away from Pakistani refugee camp facing the reality of the 3rd world with hopes and struggles) which we could get a better idea of the lives of fleeing.


and the movie ends as making their way completed.

A. yes, they make it in the end. but this is not only the stories of refugees who try to flee from their reality. we see us in them. we all have constant desire to get something. whether it’s freedom or not, people are running towards something they desire. it’s like we’re facing the war all the time. (they added it’s an attitude of human being.)

it’s interesting that GUEST is not 100% based on North Korean defectors.

we did get initiatives and inspirations from their stories, but we slowly realized that we cannot perform their lives. we cannot make a piece out of their lives, since we do want to respect their lives. that’s why we decided to digest it in our way of lives to express the ‘constant desire’. and as you and the audience will find out during the show, GUEST is consists of several scenes where you just keep walking in circles with slow motions. like we’re looking for something and waiting for someone. but we do not stop. this is not only the North Korea defector’s lives but very corresponds to that of our own. but just like them, we also ceaselessly run towards what we desire. that’s why it’s worth to keep running and waiting.

for me, the first impression of GUEST was gloomy and dark. but now I feel like this show can definitely give a hopeful message in the end. I’d like hear the next stories and how it would continue after all?
yes, actually GUEST is part of our trilogy. while GUEST addresses the perceptions who they are, at a same time, what we are, GHOST asks us how they & we live. what’s going to be their next step? how they will adopt themselves into new circumstances? just like we were asking ourselves when we were back in Berlin.
the third one DUST tells us how spaces and situations can be transformed by someone’s desire. it revolves around the question of the space, audience might find it more abstract – but all these three pieces are in a continuous flow.


after a fully engaged interview with Hyoungmin and Tommi, as usual, I thanked the artists for their time. yet this time, they were even more appreciative for the talk for how they could bring themselves back to their first minds when they first began this show. to witness the moves of GUEST, join us next mon & tue at 8pm.


to want to know more about their show click here: GUEST by Hyuongmin and Tommi


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