we could nicely wrap what she does as a 'stencil graffiti' but we all know that it is to spray large letters such as 'HATE ME' and not getting caught - something notorious. yet NANA who I met was just a typical girl with big eyes.


[nana is NOTORIOUS]
i almost mistaken you as a notorious and serious person for your message is just like that. but i guess not, just by looking at your coiled cardigan with paints everywhere. what kind of person are you. are you actually notorious.

nana: i do not think at all. i think less and less. but when it comes to bombing, i turn 180 degree different person. something flips me over. probably because i need to endure this world of bombing, which is full of male artists. i am physically challenged and i guess that's what pushes me even stronger and harder when i do bombing. it is sort of my survival skill. i need to survive by being bold and notorious in this world - nonetheless i don't want to get jailed once again, cannot get caught anymore.

[nana is ATHEIST]
do you believe in any god. or do you believe in yourself.

nana: i do not believe in god. yet i believe there is this is certain energy that revolves us. i do not think there is certain god which is divided by good or bad. i believe this holiness as in different concept. just like how earth revolves everyday.

[nana is NOCTURNAL]
i heard bombing happens at night. are you actually nocturnal person.

nana: i hate mornings. i will never be able to wake up before noon in my life. i personally prefer night, when it is quiet and less and less people are visible. probably this helped to concentrate in my bombing.

[nana is not AN ARTIST]

you're quite mentioned often in Korea's art scenes these days. how do you see yourself as an artist.

nana: well, i'm not an artist. i do not do art, nor graffiti. i'm a bomber. i tend to say myself as a person who does graffiti, it just simplifies all the conversations and agreement when it comes to my works. most important, i do not wish to be an artist. i just feel like i need to mention it more often.



two men with black bold glasses walks around in PLATOON saying 'sugoi'. according to these men, there are not many places to freely express and get excited about street art in Japan. adding, Seoul feels like 'another Japan'. except the fact that street signs are in Korean.

heard that this is your second time in Korea. your live painting concept is unique. 'unit which does not belong to society nor individual' - what does this mean.

Mon: nonetheless, society and individual is a totally different concept. difference and separate values are coexisting in our world. by sharing and crossing these values, art work can be beautifully done. and i call that as an authentic creativity and synergy effect. through this, i hope to find a larger effect, have conversation about this and find a deeper definition.

Doppel is considered as one of the most free-spirited painting duo who goes main stream art and underground art back and forth. good evaluations were done by working with Sony, Facebook, Nike and your underground art fans are always fervent about your art works. how is it different and which do you prefer.

Mon: honestly it depends on personality of the project. by working with large companies, it could give some how good money but tight time schedule is such a stress. plus, we need to produce what they want within square and certain way. that is also a bit frustrating.
on the other hand, underground art feels comfortable to me. i do whatever i want without boundary. collaboration with other artists is so much fun. yet week environmental issues is another stressful trait.

how was recent live painting show in Bangkok. found out Thailand's various traditional cultural codes were used. what about this time at PLATOON. anything inspired by Korean culture.

Mon: Bangkok was absolutely amazing. tons of nice and exotic cultural codes and aspects. when comparing to Japan - Japan is slowly losing its cultural aspects. it is more and more americanized. that is why culture in Thailand was even more intriguing and exciting.
in case of Korea, it feels somewhat same but different to Japan. streets are similar, buildings are similar, except the sign boards are in Korean. and that's actually what we were inspired by. we will incorporate Korean traditional calligraphy and Hangul (Korean characters) into our work at PLATOON.


while MON was saying all these answers, BAKIBAKI remained silent. he felt more comfortable in Japanese, so we had to borrow Nana for translation.


anything to add, Bakibaki.

Bakibaki: first of all, it is such an honor for me to work with Nana. (he looked on his left where Nana was translating for him. Nana kept laughing.) Seoul is a great place for me. i would like to visit once again with my wife.



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