'multi-art' does not give us any clue on what he does at all. he says, by looking at another 'ego' inside him, he dreams to find 'new world' in his unconsciousness.
we met Hyukjin Jeon, director (videographer, choreographer, stage production designer, music director and many more) of GROUND ZERO PROJECT and decided to hear more from him.

what is your 'background' for all your art projects? what is your background for your inspirations?

my day. my everyday life is the background for my art works. there is a day when you just wake up in the morning, thinking 'aw, i hope this happens today' or 'i wish today to be like this'. and sometimes it does come true. what you think inside your brain appears in reality. it just happens as you wished it to be! (he looked thrilled) i call this as finding a point between your dream and reality.
in that context, people live day by day without even dreaming. so many people live life as it was given. people go through limitless competitions, fight for idea, want to get a chance to 'express themselves'. nevertheless, they live along ceaseless worries and anxiety. yet, artists are not an exception. some of them live and express themselves in the box of rules and norms, which close people's brain and thinking.
thoughts going around within oneself, excluding boundaries and rules. that's the 'NEW WORLD'.


your project this time at KUNSTHALLE is to dig the meanging for 'zero' (none, nothing). how is it similar or even different to yourself. have you ever actually found 'zero' in your life.

'zero' is a very difficult word. it could be something really big or super tiny. everything we see these days can be translated into number - even people - id number, age, height, salary and many more. in that way, 'none, nothingness' could be said as number zero (0). subtracting everything necessary from myself. letting all necessities from myself go. that equals to none (zero). we should all think about how we are going to live when there's only number 0 left in this world. i bet it would take more effort that we can ever imagine to make oneself 0.
another thing is that we are living in this world under unconsciousness. and within that boundary, living life with true inner ego is a real unconsciousness - and that's what i want to ask to the audience. looking for 'zero' in your life. are you also in part of that long, long journey.

since you're working as a project, collaboration with new other artists is probably not always joyful. (though more joy than hardships) any hardships you had so far.

collaboration is a lot about combinations of different arts but again, it's a person vs person thing. artists do have their own and unique philosophy and ideas. since we haven't worked together for a long period of time, or sometimes work together for the very first time, we do go through tons of rescheduling and rescheduling. that is probably what myself as a director should control and take the lead, and of course i've learnt something i wouldn't have known through these procedures.
in 2010 in littlest island in Spain called La Gomera island, i had my very first show. with minimum number of equipment, i had to design and structure the interactive show. starting from very bottom, building stage and checking the light, i experienced such a valuable show preparation time. i will never be able to dream of having even a similar experience to that. it was that worthwhile.

when looking at Jeon reminding of the very first show he had, i could get a sense of how passionate he is about the project [NEW WORLD IN KUNSTHALLE]. we've checked his first intention. and you wanna know more about our interaction with GROUND ZERO PROJECT. come visit his show this friday and saturday, [NEW WORLD IN KUNSTHALLE].

more information and ticket information are available at below link:

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