the four showcases on the 1st floor are on the street side of the building – the face of PLATOON KUNSTHALLE. they are the first impression of what is to expect when entering the location.


all kinds of creatives like designers, artists, filmmakers etc. are invited to present selected works. short exhibition intervals of 4 weeks consistently assure fresh contents.


the showcases at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE are the perfect opportunity to see works that are hard to find elsewhere because the conceptual direction of PLATOON KUNSTHALLE gives artists the freedom to think in more radical terms.


with the artist lab program, PLATOON KUNSTHALLE supports the development of extraordinary projects. under the curation of PLATOON KUNSTHALLE, international and korean artists can take the opportunity to work rent free in one of the 4 container studios up to six months.

the program allows residencies to work in lively exchange with the other artists, using the infrastructure and technical resources to realize their ideas. the ideas and concepts will be realized in diverse formats such as events, workshops or exhibitions. 

contact PLATOON KUNSTHALLE for further information.
at the moment applications are closed