yoo ayoung

yu ayoung is a young artist who had her debut to the public at the '100 cubes' exhibtion in seoul. for this exhibition 100 artists had one cube each to express and present their works. yu ayoung's 'artificial squid incubator' is a fresh and original interpretation of what a cube can be good for. or who else ever thought of a squid in an incubator rather than on your plate?

"for me the cube is a space to express my ideas. if you split a peanut into two halves an embryo shows that just looks like a squid. i thought it was interesting and while i thought about how to connect a squid and a peanut, squid peanut crackers came to my mind. i presumed that the peanut in the cracker is a real squid and tried to present a newly born squid (the peanut embryo) that comes out of the cracker in an artificial squid incubator that comes out of the cracker. the 'incubator cube' is built after the example of a chicken incubator, light bulbs and felt on the floor keep the squid peanut baby warn and support the squid." (artist's statement)

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