VS’ images are mostly derived from the imagery of martial arts based on individual experiences. in reinventing the figurative images with their suggestive effects as symbols  he investigates the expression of the aura of the self and at the same time the identity of a time through the critique of the actual state of society. gaining vitality from street art activities he comes from the documentation of working in the streets and experiments now with photography in various forms.

VS rejects the image reflected in a mirror and any fixation of one’s existence from others and the outside world in general and opts for proving it from the inside.
VS’ works use the 3 colors red, black and white. these colors carry a double meaning. red, which for vs represents the cruelty of the blood, stands for the heat and the passion in the process of finding himself. black expresses at the same time the bad and the great. white represents perfection and truth and even if it is in contrast to black the color of the good, it changes its positive meaning to a negative one, when mixed with black. for VS, even with the change it remains the color of truth. the question ‘who am i?‘ can not be separated from the world we are living in. VS looks forward to make encounters that are not determined by the question ‘who am i?’ but by the phrase of completion ‘i... am‘ and the affirmative energy that is not driven by the cruelty of blood but by the passion of the heat.


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