T-PROJECT is a team consisting three members: BI YU (painter), HYUNG JUN KIM (photographer), and SANG JOON KIM (film). this team complements each other abilities and extends the limitation of the work’s content and form in diverse methods.

T-PROJECT basically is created in three media forms: paintings, photographs, and videos. video surmounts the limits of the plane works in paintings and photographs to satisfy the audiences’ abundant appreciation. also, installation and three dimensional structures etc. will upsurge the realism and atmosphere.

T-PROJECT wants to provide people a valuable time for them. it is for finding out their selves and the emotions that they had forgotten. i hope for the audience, from non-experts to specialists try to understand it, with feeling unweighted.

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each characters travel through the contrary space between toil and pleasure by the toilet. for instance, among the series, 'SAMANTHA' is a housekeeper who lives in a kitchen full of family affairs and domestic conflict. she is riding on a toilet and handling young men and shopping luxurious products.
a toilet symbolizes a dual meaning of sanctuary and trial. to simplify, in a small area like a rest room, a place where a toilet is where people have their own time alone when someone says they have to go to the restroom, others quite understand? why? because sometime i also might have to go. in that sense, the toilet is an exclusive property to everyone, an essential existence, a closest friend we meet several times a day, my own haven and hideout.

on the other hand, the restroom is a place with duplicity where you have to go whether you  hate to go or feel tiresome of going and also is a dirty thing to deal with. men have things they ought to do, rather than choosing what they want to. it is a irresistible law of nature, a rule men made, a principle of giving 'what you want' to get 'what you want.' it is living in a unchangeable world's routine that men try to fit in.
the toilet is a man's framework. It could be good, or a bit bad. but you cannot deny it. therefore if you accept it and overcome it, you can feel composure.
'THE TOIL TO PARADISE' is a trip loading 'a burden of life's hardship' on a toilet and seeking for the 'paradise.'

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