it is an interesting combination: developing diverse works in order to launch the character 'ssba', while at the same time designing stationary articles with t9 for their design brand 'dak ddong jib design' ('chicken's intestine design'). usually 'ssba' materializes on commercial articles but in exhibition spaces or events related to social activism ssba thrives to make some noise of a different kind.

" 'fight the control'
'now is the time to stand up against the rulers that control us!'

last year candle lights burned, and even if it's a time of respite, the fight is not over. the reason is that now, the rulers that control us, show their essence bluntly. now, distrust and anger builds up step by step. now, we have 'the future of resistance' right in front of our eyes and we don't know when it will explode.

for several years i participated in numerous social activist movements and began to express the inspiration i got in bigger and smaller groups with paintings. by now, this has become another form of action for me, a driving force of my life. the fight that protects the lives of common workers and the general public continues and nothing can stop my images and my desire for a better world.
'power to the people, power to the people!' " (artist's statement)

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