special exhibition: THE DREAM THROWN AWAY

artist: PARK HYESOO 


PLATOON KUNSTHALLE welcomes conceptual and installation artist PARK HYESOO's special exhibition, THE DREAM THROWN AWAY



since 2009, PARK HYESOO has worked on the "dialogue" project, based on a set of surveys with questionnaires containing vague personal quesitons such as "what have you given up in your life, and for what price?" and "what was the dream you gave up?" and "what would be the worst thing that can happen to you?" 


with her "dialogue" project, the artist aims to access people's interior memories. her approach is to analyze each individual's psychology to discover reasons for today's social issues. in short, her project is designed to encourage people to realize that society's problems transmute into personal issues and concerns and vice versa. her "dialogue" project intends to search for solutions through public dialogues. 


in both her "the dream thrown away" and "test for the average" research projects, she has collected answers from 5,000 individuals over the past three years through various exhibitions. at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE, she presents the results of her research and the stories of the individuals she has encountered in THE DREAM THROWN AWAY special exhibition. 


visitors to THE DREAM THROWN AWAY exhibition can also participate in her ongoing research projects. 




artist interview: 


1. sun or moon?
>> moon

2. idealism or realism?
>> a realist with dreams of idealism

3. what are "people" to you -- objects/medium? character? someone like you?
>> a mirror which reflects myself

4. have you achieved your dream?
>> ing  

5. Platoon for you is __________?

>> a buffer zone where various experiments are possible








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