Song Hojun

song hojun is an artist who prefers to discover niches of technonolgy and to mix them together. after detecting these niches he uses them as means of social commentary or as objects to express aesthetics. he likes to use microprocessors, sensors, pcb designs, pcs, aluminium, etc. in order to find new combinations he continuously experiments in his studio (studio hhjjj).

song hojun graduaded in electrical engineering and computer science at the korea university, completed the graduate school of technology at the icu and worked with a company that produces artificial satellites. later he participated in exhibitions, such as “contemporary media art” (sungnam art center), “interactive entrance” (sonarsound seoul), “integrating exhibition” (gwangju asia culture center), “design showshowshow” (seoul art center), “opacity 101” (triad gallery) and had two solo exhibitions. currently he is working on projects related to experimental music made with circuit bending, sensor interfaces, interactive lightning as well as on “the strongest weapon in the world”, inspired by satellite technology.

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