Tue 21 July · Time: 07:00 PM

Showcase Reboot 3

the four showcases will be rebooted with fresh works by young artists. come and meet the artists while enjoying a nice bbq and fresh beer.


showcase 1: ssba
what an unusual concept: developing diverse works in order to launch the character 'ssba', while at the same time designing stationary articles with t9 for their design brand 'dak ddong jib design' ('chicken's intestine design'). usually 'ssba' materializes on commercial articles but in exhibition spaces or events related to social activism ssba thrives to make some noise of a different kind.



showcase 2: lee eun-ho
the conditions of communication and miscommunication: this is what lee eun-ho explores in his work 'code'. what is the right way to find one's frequency of communication and in which way is your language coded?


showcase 3: yu ayoung
yu ayoung is a young artist who had her debut to the public at the '100 cubes' exhibtion. for this exhibition 100 artists had one cube each to express and present their works. yu ayoung's 'artificial squid incubator' is a fresh and original interpretation of what a cube can be good for. or who else ever thought of a squid in an incubator rather than on your plate?

showcase 4: jodae
originally deeply rooted in writing letters, graffiti artist jodae was inspired by his love for wildstyle and gangsta rap to get deeper into the one thing that is the basis for both: letters. thus he developed his own typo. while he might feel more comfortable speaking in korean, he chose to use the western alphabet as target of his work for aesthetic reasons. this decision consequently questions the nature of the connection between spoken and written language and their value in expressing oneself.



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