Thu 21 January · Time: 07:00 PM


new artists will present their works in the showcases on the first floor!

heidi j. boisvert
heidi j. boisvert is a new media artist, experimental filmmaker, writer and educator whose work excavates issues of mental colonization and the variegated ways in which organized power threatens independent action and thought. at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE she presents “ICED! I Can End Deportation”, a 3d rpg game that was developed in cooperation with human rights organization breakthrough. ICED! enables the player to inhabit the precarious day-to-day experiences of an immigrant living with the constant threat of detention, and deportation.

orcfinga, a member of the supacrqs crew, is a painter and illustrator. his paintings depict characters, often with exaggerated features that in combination with the concentrated use of colors transmit an instant impact on the viewer.

do young jun
do young jun’s “watermelon samurai” is a set of scultpures. the setting shows a samurai just after a fight, pieces of chopped-up enemies around him. the fact that the samurai as well as his victims are watermelons adds a cartoon-like flavour to the scene that after a while provokes a feeling of uneasiness.

in their projector-based projects, visualozik works towards a visual perception that overcomes the separation of projected visuals and the space and objects involved in the setting. the rhythm-oriented approach of their abstract minimalist aesthetics are the perfect basis for collaborations with electronic musicians like quandol and ujn&nova.

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