Thu 22 October - Thu 26 November

showcase reboot vol. 6

check out the new artists in the showcases and take the chance to meet them!


garoo.. is a graffiti artist and part of the 420ml crew. the exhibited work ‘domuji handicrafts’ is a conceptual work dealing with living in a capitalist society driven by hyper-consumption: packaged masks wrapped up in plastic foil, filled with everyday trash and presented as a class a consumer goods.

seo goun
seo goun’s surrealist works reflect a parallel world in which dark emotions are not neglected but turned into a desirable source of inspiration. the artist's works negotiate the blurred line of transition between reality and dream-like worlds.

oh suk kuhn
in his work ‘the text book’ oh suk kuhn explores the gap between educational didactic images from korean textbooks and actual childhood memories. the photos of characters wearing strange masks symbolizing chulsoo and younghee, two stereotypical figures in korean textbooks, create a weird atmosphere in which memories, phantasy and the present overlap.

saving popculture:
the international short film festival oberhausen was the world’s first festival to accept the music video as an art form in its own right and to allocate it to a competition category of its own. the music videos shown here are produced between the years 1998 and 2003 and embrace a wide spectrum of forms of expression.

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