Thu 25 June · Time: 07:00 PM

Showcase Reboot 2

four new artists will present their works in the showcases.

park si-young's works are a mixture of painting and graphic design. painted families posing for the camera and brand logos as symbols of a culture of mass consumption create a weird tension.
daniel zimmer is an artist who in his installation “touch screen” interrogates people's relationship to their self-image reflected in a mirror. he will present pictures of people watching themselves in a mirror behind which a secret camera is hidden.
kay 2 is a street artist from busan. as part of the artist collective '재미난 복수' or 'a fun revenge' he began spreading street performances and street art works reacting immediately to political and social issues that move korea's society.
james powderly, currently active at the fatlab, presents a smart solution how to save money on uk buses and introduces a technique for urban survival.
the showcase reboot will be celebrated
with a bbq. don’t miss the opportunity to meet the artists!
no entrance fee.

for more information check the showcase area on our website!

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