seo goun
'mourn in boundary'

“at every beginning of the work, indistinct expectation grows deep in my heart. something hard to describe rushes through my brain, nerves, arms, legs, fingers, heart, shoulders, hips, lung and toes. it makes me question myself about what i want to express, how i do it and why i do it in a way i do. now i’m willing to release myself from these indistinctive questions and meet the exterior stimulation, desire and trembling. both the mixture of the vague images that I have expressed and the narratives of dreams materialized a dream-like world, or dispersed reality into something obscure, or made them following in the steps of surrealist images. i now want to talk about a space in which life is namely death and vice versa. and i hope that people could extract their own speculations from the allegories that i present.


what i want to express in this specific work begins with a ‘mourn for things within boundaries’. in a world in which life is namely death and vice versa, everything lies on boundary. the end of the infinite desire has come to a halt in the state of an ecstatic desire. it breaks through the darkness of unconsciousness; death, even if it retreats into the inner world of anxiety and pain, it is not sad nor agony. i keep trying to balance between a world of reality and surrealism while existing in this strage space  internally and outwardly. it is about enjoying the melancholy journey from the beginning of death to the end of life while wandering in deep darkness and disharmony.
i grieve them in my own way of keeping a close watch on hidden boundaries at that space. ecstatic desire in the state of a halt particularly expose its true nature of an abyss. the defensive wall called ‘death’ mourn things that are in boundaries of reality and surreal world and sublimate them into something beautiful." (artist's statement)

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