re:bot is a project group that works on designing robots with an emphasis robot-human interaction. at this showcase reboot she will present mung and ra-i, a language purifier robot and an emotional robot. what that means can be found out in direct interaction with the robots.


"the re:bot is a compound of ‘re:’ and ‘bot,’ meaning ‘to revive a robot.’ established by sonya s. kwak, eun ho kim, and jimyung kim, re:bot aims to apply robotic technologies to existing ordinary products to develop “robotic consumer products” and to adopt laboratory-designed robots to various cultural events. we hope that these activities collectively make robots more familiar with people, as meant by re:bot, the regenerations of robots.


the language purifier robot, mung


for more interesting and intriguing interactions through a robot, a robot with emotional responses is designed based on the interaction of “bruising due to emotional violence.” as people get black and blue when physically hurt, their feelings also get bruised by verbal violence. in this project, in order to purify use of language, a language purifier robot, the “mung robot” which expresses a bruise when emotionally wounded by curse words or verbal abuse is proposed(“mung” means “a bruise” in korean). in particular, it is designed for children who readily learn to use curse words.


the emotional robot, ra-i


ra-i is an emotional robot which communicates with people and facilitates communication between people. in an attempt to embed traditional korean sentiments, ra-i’s appearance was inspired by korean folk painting of tiger, and the first korean traditional wares for a robot were designed. through the combinatorial projects between ra-i and korean cultural industry, we hope that a new korean waves would be formulated. ra-i was first developed by a bunch of collaborating expert groups, including KAIST product and environmental system design lab., micro-mechatronics & system dynamics labs, future of beyond human intelligence lab., and hanwool-robotics, corp. most recently, ra-i is under regeneration process to participate in various cultural enterprises by re:bot." (artist's statement)


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