Park Si Young

park si-young's works are a mixture of painting and graphic design.
the combination of painted families posing for the camera and brand logo wallpapers as symbols of the desire to become middle class create a weird tension. 

"in korea, the middle class is like a fata morgana that can never be reached. everybody has a desire towards it and wants to be part of it. we take out loans and work hard to reach the virtual image called 'middle class'. in the end there are derailments like dying from overwork or cheating. it is like an incantation that repeats itself since korea's industrialization. included in this incantation is the 'family'. we deal with it, make sacrifices for it, sometimes go out for a picnic and are captured by the fantasy that we can build up a middle class lifestyle easily if we just live in happiness, no matter what the real living conditions are. in the end the survival game of becoming middle class in order to buy a house is doomed to failure. forced happiness and blindly following the aim of becoming middle class makes us allow ourselves to be exploited and justify violence to others. historically this desire has made our children suffer from tuberculosis in becoming 'gongsuni's (term for female factory workers in the 1970s). for an apartment we ignore the deeply rooted history of the cozy relation between politics and business. we run from bank to bank in order to borrow a mortgage or apply for the restauration of our credit status. in the end we bite the dust. this is our history that repeats itself endlessly without a single interruption."
park si-young

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