na meena





when NA MEENA was a child wanted to be animation's or movie director, and studies animation in her colleges. since she has been keep drawing, naturally get interest with fine art, and when back to college to re study fine art. as she studies fine art she was keep questioning her self on fundamental causes of life and surroundings. she couldn't throw away her interest and working on media art, so she suffered to combine everything on her projects. "love movies and study and dig in to the movies and i am reinterpreting still it's all just indirect experiences. now i am more focusing and do work based on reality, which i directly experience the and learn by myself. i can feel myself i'm getting one step closer to the reality."



"this project is a part of a reinterpretation series by understanding master's movies. by studying their master pieces, i extracted the concept and related it according to my point of view. the movie i examined for this project is <MULHOLLAND DRIVE> by DAVID LYNCH. the film's key message "DREAM IS NOT REALITY" is reinterpreted with the addition "dream is not reality. but in reality there is always hope to get closer to the dream". people easily forget the happiness around them, and suffer from the gap between utopia and reality. the space in drawing, space in the video and where they are located are all same and different at the same time." (artist's statement)






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