lumpens is a visual artist investigating audio/visual fantasies. since 2007 he genuinely works on various projects in fields like music video production and visual art performances.

"the keyword that connects lumpens' diverse works is 'humor'.  no matter if it is the work process or the final result, no matter if the viewers can feel it or not, no matter if it is a commercial or a non-commercial work: lumpens' will always make an effort to include his specific wit and cleverness. to pretend that his works are serious, cool or a way expressing something in a complex way is another side of his humorous apporach. it will be fun to search for lumpens' hidden meanings in his works, like the hidden image of global warming in an advertisement for a car manufacturer that lumpens put in without the client's knowledge. at the moment he is working on a new performance genre with artists from different fields and experiments with the change of the artfilm media and the liberation of frames." (artist's statement)

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