johannes p osterhoff

johannes p osterhoff is an interface artist, whose works explore users' and companies' communication with popular operating systems. for "7 windows" he dug deeply in windows 7's system folders and presents his findings.


“i am interested in the graphical user interface since the rounded buttons of Windows were replaced by cornered ones during the redesign in 1995. since then the graphical user interface has become more and more baroque and my obsession about this transition has not become less.

especially in the DLL and EXE files in the well hidden system folders of “windows 7”, imagery lies idle that appears to have not been touched for decades. one of them is the icon of the process “winlogon”, handling authentication and user profiles, setting up the desktop environment and checking if a legal copy of windows is used. this significant process and its associated icon is located at C:\Windows\System32\winlogon.exe

with “7 windows” i try to give insight into the ancestry of “windows 7” and to understand the system’s current spiritual condition.” (artist statement)

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