jaycy – beatstreet


jaycy is a b-boy and painter whose works deal with hip hop culture. a closer look reveals that his works are actually fantasies about hip hop culture, reflecting the gap between old school hip hop from new york and a korean hip hop fan in the present.


"i began b-boying 10 years ago, and after i saw run dmc's jam master jay i was lost in old school hip hop culture. this is how i began my works. the hip hop scene that i experienced since then was so cool to me in the beginning which was also the reason why i started b-boying. but it turned out that it wasn't as great and bright as it seemed on tv.
the main title of all my work is 'beat street'. as far as i know, it's the name of the 156th street in manhattan. and it is the setting of the film 'beat street'. but it actually is still a ghetto. and because it's still a dangerous place for asians, it has become a neverland in my imagination and the setting for my paintings. in my thoughts every place i go to is beatstreet and that's what i paint.
one of the works you can see here is the third in the series, titled 'london'. it's my personal beatstreet and it doesn't have a deeper meaning but i just love london. i painted it with the thought in mind that i want to live there at some point. i'm also thinking about painting a series with a space colony and one with a yeongdeng po background setting. the subjects of my paintings are episodes i went through while dancing, friends and things that i love or hate." (artist's statement)



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