IEPE is a dutch artist born 1974 in rotterdam. he lives and works in berlin since 1997. IEPE is the creative inventor of a 7 year-old and already world famous sport called ‘CHESSBOXING’, a sport combining chess and boxing in alternating rounds. here both cognition and physics are challenged interchangeably. 


"you will see 2 video’s that seem 2 worlds apart. on my own personal level they are very much connected.


'PAINTING REALITY' is first of all an aesthetical work, where the intersection is the canvas and the cars are the brushes. Together they create a modern jackson the line of my work i see it as a visualisation of the way i work. many of my projects are attempts to sculpture society itself; elements of reality form the clay or one can also say the paint and society itself is the canvas.


this is how I look at the chessboxing project. back in 2002 I took two elements (chess and boxing) and created something new. by 2010 it has created structures all over the world giving me hope the sculpture will exist without me when I will be in a car accident tomorrow." (artist's statement)

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