moments of the memories, passed events… they are trifling and stimulating, but forgotten so easy. piled up memories and records of the moment. memories that are forgotten because of the tiredness of the accustomed reality. it seems like they are not forgotten, but lost. maybe it is the world, which is acclimatized due to the memories that are covered with other memories, that looks beautiful.  we are too much used to the world with stronger  stimulation now


my work started from a thought of overlapping hundreds of pictures to make one certain image. photography as a medium has a recording and honest temperament, and this makes the fiction in my photo like the reality like a fake documentary.


our society desires stronger stimulation from the unconscious and the familiarity, and forget about the past and the present because of it. we just forgot about it, but this is something which is happening now in the reality, or something that can happen. so many anonymous people exist at the same space, but they create another society with people who exist in different time.


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