hez comes from a street art background. his installation "facade" deals with the relation between his past activities as a street artist and his new working environment in an interior design office environment.


"some day, after the suit became the normal attire the clothes that fully filled the closet came pouring out. they couldn’t fit in to the mainstream surroundings and their heavy reality became a happening. this happening scattered the diversity that originiated from subculture but the sticker collection that started out of admiration of subculture still remains, protecting me and making me proud. Standing on top of the scattered diversity and positioning myself within the mainstream like a poor gentleman with his only suit, i have given up the space that used to be kitch, but behind my inner facade the prophet still lives and awaits the right moment. i wish that all the young people who faced reality like i did, keep the contact to their very own facade that still promises possibilities.

I set my foot in visual art starting with graffiti in 1999. the character of my earlier works differs strongly from my current position but most of my recent work presents skills rooted in graffiti. i showed “flat artworks” in some smaller and bigger exhibitions but the image of fixed graffiti didn’t satisfy my needs. through experiencing and reading texts about photography, video art, installation and performances I am confronting myself with visual culture and working on a recreation of graffiti through approaching it from a different point of view." (artist statement)



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