heidi j. boisvert

ICED - I Can End Deportation

“ICED! I Can End Deportation is an online 3d rpg game. the game teaches the player about the current u.s. policies around immigration that destroy families and violate fundamental human rights. ICED enables the player to inhabit the precarious day-to-day experiences of an immigrant living with the constant threat of detention, and deportation.  as the player navigates the city, he or she must avoid constantly spawning bots - immigration officers - and also make moral decisions as well as answer myth & fact quizzes. if the player chooses incorrectly, he/she increases his or her chances of being teleported into detention. once in detention, the player endures both physical separation from his/her family and unjust conditions while awaiting, often for unknown amounts of time, the random outcome of his/her case.” (artist’s statement)



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