GHOST SCHOOL was formed from the event, 'SUNDAY SEMINAR', which was held on last march. it was a seminar for reading BADIOU's book. GHOST CHOOL is currently arranging an event named THE ZIZEK / BADIOU EVENT OF PHILOSOPHY, which will be held in the end of this september, and they are composed of people from various industries and there is no one specifically in charge of leading the organization.


THE MANIFESTO OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY begins: '' a spectre is haunting europe - the spectre of communism.'' GHOST SCHOOL was formed from the 'spectre' (ghost) which imagines the commons and desires common goods haunting world wide, especially asia.


Their goal is to work as a platform which can connect politics, art, science, and love as BADIOU said, instead of limiting in one area, and to make any event into a real event wherever the event is.

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