FEVM is a visual performance duo comprised of a film director and media artist with work experience in nyc and seoul.
BEOMJIN CHO (VM) has practiced painting and photography, and installation art from 2001, and from 2010, he has started to produce short films to rise into subculture film network. he has worked with the important people from independent scene and alternative artists in order to produce many performance films and documentaries.
DONGHYUK SEO (FE) is a media artist who had created absolutely excellent domestic ads moved to nyc in 2010 after his acknowledgement in the motion graphic, interactive performance, media facade, and visual design skills. he continued to pursue interactive art there and now he is a part of FEVM in seoul (moved in early 2013) to execute a combination of film, media, and installation artwork.





dance and the dancers cannot be separated. from some point, the two become one entity for one storyboard to express one united idea. the curiosity that sprouted from this thought is the catalyst for the curiosity of the film media.
the medium called film is basically the breathing and communicating through the screen; nobody really cares about the screen. the screen is only a sketchbook which carries the image. it is not of our interest about the relationship of film and reality, or the impact of the images. we decided to look into the boundaries of the relationships. just like how the boundaries of the dance and the dancer is unclear, to express the vagueness of the borders of film's work is contradictory. so we look at it from two different viewpoints to deliver two different stories to see a clearer definition of the boundaries between such a relationship via two different dances.




JUST DANCE | vol.1 <just dance : beginning>
JUST DANCE | vol.2 <beauty fool>








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