do young jun

watermelon samurai

“have a look at ‘watermelon samurai’. a samurai looking like a watermelon holds swords in both hands with a vicious smile on its face. chopped off pieces of watermelon are scattered around it like dead bodies. the peculiar point of this work is that it doesn’t seem horrendous nor horrible despite the cruel scenario with cut-off objects lying around, because they are watermelons. they get cut-off frequently in the summer time anyway. the audience giggles at the cartoon-like view and thinks it’s just brilliant.
but, this giggle quickly turns into a sense of unease even if the way of expression is comical. it is because the work exposes an inner thirst for revenge and hatred.
in a highly competitive society where becoming rich is considered the most noble goal, the majority of people is overwhelmed by a sense of defeat. the instinct of destruction as a  result of this frustration disturbs our imagination with the shadow of resistance.” (artist’s statement)

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