Daniel Zimmer

daniel zimmer is a documentary photographer who deals with detecting human behaviours within their social and cultural context. It is a crucial aspect of his work to capture what people moves, their views and life philosophies. in building up a relationship with the people he portrays, he becomes sensible for the moments where they show, in an authentic way, who they are.

"touch screen: the moment when you look at yourself
reflecting on the mirror reflection
people, looking at themselves. and i am looking at them from the other side, hiding behind a mirrorglass window with my camera. complete silence behind the window and outside the noise of live is passing by. out there, in noord. i am participating. in a passive way. it happens without me being present, neither as a person nor as a photographer. in the intimacy of the moment, i am of no importance. i am not there while they are there in a double sense, in that crucial moment of looking at themselves.
i focus and shoot the picture. i keep on observing, i trap people in this intimate moment of self reflection, a personal revelation. mimics and body language reflect an emotional state. esspecially those meaningful eyes are confronting. for a second, when they are looking in their own eyes, it seems as if they are looking straight at me. it is a feeling as if i am allowed to come inside, to share their look at themselves. sometimes a nasty glimpse from the side. i actually do that secretely. and some people would definately not appreciate what I am doing. but they do not have a choice.
the look in the mirror. in first place it is checking out your face, your styling, the emotional state you are in. the one does is secretely and fast, the other does it with a straight look, taking his time. mostly critical, severe. and then, it is a confrontation with yourself, an honest interaction. for the moment, that’s the only thing that counts. everthing else happening around does not matter anymore. it’s all about you. you and the other you. in perfect accordance. almost body contact. it seems authentic, real, pure, not set up, revealed.
from behind the window i detect stories from live. people, in search of themselves. while taking those pictures I feel like a sponge absorbing their selfreflection. but let’s not have a too deep look into the mirror, that’s gonna drive us crazy." (artist's statement)



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