choo min he

choo min he is an artist interested in the intersection between art and cognitive science. while working on a project in the psychiatry she generated works that deal with shifted perceptions at the margins of what is considered the field of 'normal' subjectivities.


"the research method of cognitive science helps me understanding the mechanisms of our basic sentiments. during the observation period i researched the blased defenses of mental patients, thinking in the language which embodies their ways of thinking and finding the meaning of the words that are used. a single word from this language can build up a story and a single image can also be a narrative of an independent experience. by doing this the historical story mixes up with the present story, creating a new story. similar to what the theory of complexity says, the defenses of the patient cannot be explained by one single reason or result because they are organized by the patients’ minds themselves in relation to the interpersonality with society or family members and in the fields that belongs to neurobiology. therefore the understanding of mental patients could mean understanding the process of human thinking.


i am progressing the cognitive science research project by receiving a scholarship by the gyeonggi cultural foundation for the third time. I want to research the mind, how it is influenced by social relationships, how it works in interaction with environment regulating people’s mental boundaries and with people regulating environment because of their mental conditions. in this way I try to see the true nature of the mind which acts in accordance to the world and as a part of the society and the stories that are created through the interaction between individuals." (artist's statement)

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