beom uses character design and illustrations as communication tool to express his thoughts on society and life. his works are at the same time easily accessible and critical. in the ‘dummymen’ series hundreds of stylized crash test dummies are run by the big machinery called capitalistic society - a bitter yet amusing satirical comment on korea’s consumption-oriented society.

“crash test dummies do not show any resistance even when sitting in a car that races towards a wall. the spaces inside the vehicle and outside of it are totally separated worlds. relying on just the security belt, they accept their fate of being smashed into pieces. the ‘dummymen’ are standardized men to be governed by a big power (the capital). they refer to us, who don’t care about the true nature of the society we live in, in a satirical way.
each of them has lost their ego and is just a part of a huge total entity, they are just an object will-less moving on a conveyor belt, in a huge factory (city) built for consumption. 
the monster called fascism is born of the ‘dummymen’s’ greed, that is controlled by big powers and the capital.”
(artist’s statement)

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