'BeatBots', founded by roboticists MAREK MICHALOWSKI and HIDEKI KOZIMA, is engaged in the design of socially interactive machines across the disciplines of research, entertainment, education, and art. 'BeatBots' strives for simplicity, playfulness, and rhythmicity in order to create compelling characters that expand our concepts of the potential relationships that humans can have with robots.


"KEEPON is a robotic platform for social interaction with children. it serves as a simple body through which therapists can engage with children by expressing attentional and emotional behaviors while watching and listening through the robot’s sensors. KEEPON’s morphological and behavioral minimalism intentionally avoids the complexity of human social expression, which can be overwhelming to children with autism. it also stands in opposition to the drive to create anthropomorphic robots that often fall short of our expectations. although designed primarily for therapeutic purposes, the character of KEEPON and its ability to synchronize with social rhythms has resonated with a wider audience through public interactions and music videos." (artist's statement)

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