the BAREFOOT BASTERDS is an art collective for people who give a fuck about not giving one. united in the same ambition, we come from brazil, sweden, france and switzerland. put our team in extreme environments to make sure we can:
1. survive

2. produce sick art

3. rampage mega cities

so far we have been doing well. we have confined ourselves for 2 weeks on a deserted island in the philippines, created a berserk video bootcamp called, BISQUE RAGE, all around europe, danced naked in the streets, tagged walls and also have eaten burgers.


come check out our BAREFOOT TEMPLE! people are invited to make ONE wish and if yours is selected, the BAREFOOT BASTERDS will work an entire day for you, so that it would come true.


may the BAREFOOT SPIRIT be with you.



**we can do a lot of things; be creative but not silly.

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