Artist Interview

Hyunsun Yoon (Memento)

1. Every time I look at a work of art, I wonder what kind of a person the artist is. This person had created the work, and the finished products are ideas extracted from the artist's thoughts. What is the "ME" that you see in yourself?

Well, I don't think I know myself well. What kind? Positive and proactive person? I have a keen interest in the flawed justice in this society so I work hard in achieving loyalty and justice in order to attempt in making the world a better place. Indeed, I still don't know about myself well...

2. Please shortly elaborate on your work, Momento.

As the title literally puts it, it is a project on memories.. From a distance, they are the usual black & white images, however as you approach it step by step, different imageries can be sought; could be cruel, shameful, or shocking. Life's like that. Beautiful but upon closer look, cruel. So the project is about forgetting such thoughts and the act of forgetting, and erasing them from the mind.

3. I heard that the project spawned from "Wouldn't an image like this be produced by layering tens and hundreds of photography?" In what kind of situation did you have this thought? Any special or entertaining background to this?

Few years ago, Jinsil Choi committed suicide… Also I liked her a lot when I was younger and her death was a total blow yet after a couple of days, the world focused on her fortune, the husband's money before the adoption of the children, etc. The issue became a dirty fight.. and the hardest part is that the actress had taken her own life but that shock alone was neglected.

My high school was in Yongsan, my house in NoRyangJin. I had to cross Hangang Bridge to get to school. One day in my 1st year, the traffic was terrible though it wasn't a rush hour timeframe. Turns out, someone was trying to commit suicide on the bridge. Intriguing and surprising but as time went on, those incidents were frequent and by the time of my last year in high school, their lives no longer mattered to me and I prioritized on getting to school on time.

Does this mean sadness & shock can be familiarized?

4. The expression,'A fake documentary photo creating an illusion of reality based on fabrication' really is a perfect fit. What is this world of reality inside an illusion that you want to show the audience?

The images used are from search engines such as Google and Naver. Everyone can see and find these images but by combining them with images of cities and nature, I produce shots that are not common in our daily lives. Essentially, the photographs are common but stimulating; realistic but fake; a lie but true.

5. The places in the photographs are all different. Are there particular points that you consider when choosing the background image?

Some are just commonplaces in my daily life, but also similar images of places where certain impactful events had happened.

6. Lastly, is there something you want the audience to know while looking at the Memento series?

Well, it's up to the audience to feel and develop own takeaways. But anyways, the first completed work of the series (of the Bridge) would be the piece that channels the core values.




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