Wed 11 August · Time: 07:00 PM - 10:00 PM

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media artist soomi park  (adjunct professor at dankook university ) and kisoon eom (adjunct professor of physical computing of dankook university  and member of "random walks") assisted by honam kim (student of digital art at seoul institut of the arts ) are organizing a workshop for "arduino" beginners. the participants will get to know about the basics of "arduino", the use of sensors and other off-sources. this is a good occasion for those, who are generally interested in media art and in the "arduino" technique, but don´t know how to approach it in an easy and fun way. from 21 july there will be four sessions from 7 pm to 10 pm at the think tank for free.


please register until the tuesday before the referring workshop day at this email : park dot soomi at gmail dot com (copy the address into your e-mail client and replace _at_ with an @ and _dot_ with a .). the workshop is limited to 20 people. as we do not provide the technical equipment, please bring your own as given below.

4 sessions
21 july - introduction and installation of "arduino", digital input output
28 july - analogue input output
4 august - understanding and use of sensors
11 august - connection with external programs (processing, max/msp)

necessary equipment you have to bring:

- laptop (operating system is not relevant)

- 1 arduino duemilanove/328
- 1 breadboard
- 1 usb cable
- 3 led red, 3 led blue
- 2 ldr (cds)
- 10 each: resistance 220 ohm, 270 ohm, 1k ohm, 10 k ohm
- 1 variable resistor 10 k ohm
- 1 piezo (vibrate sensor and buzzor)
- 4 push buttons
- 20 jumper wire (about 15 cm)


website suggestion to buy the equipment:

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