Thu 13 September - Mon 17 September


from SEPTEMBER 13 through SEPTEMBER 17, 2012, PLATOON Cultural Development and Beyond Art present URBAN VOID, a dynamic collaboration with international and korean street artists. URBAN VOID, exclusively created by PLATOON Cultural Development, will showcase original artworks being created live by the participating street artists.


URBAN VOID's theme is "Beyond Art" the participating artists will freely interpret the concept through their live paintings. installation, workshops, and lectures. Featured artists include Victor Ash, Iepe Rubingh, Hendrik Beikirch, Nana, JunkHouse, Jazoo, Eric Davis, Jamie Bruno, WK, Okeh, Vakki, Node Lab, and artists from NEW YORK-based collective Vault49. this mix of internationally renowned and up-and-coming artists will complete original paintings on site over the course of five days. by focusing on creating art, instead of merely exhibiting it, URBAN VOID will turn the four floors of PLATOON KUNSTHALLE into a temporary urban atelier and hub of artistic expression-in the manner of ANDY WARHOL's FACTORY during its heyday. additionally, during URBAN VOID, a never-before-seen customized visual mapping installation created by the visual artist Lumpens will be unveiled to the general public.


for five days only, URBAN VOID will give the visitors of PLATOON KUNSTHALLE an intimate look into the usually invisible creative culture of urban street art. we welcome the public to come and witness the street art scene "in action" for each of the five days, from morning until night. the atmosphere of URBAN VOID will be enhanced by a special PRIME DJ NIGHT, the ROOFTOP NIGHT DISCOVER CREATIVE CITIES film series, ARTIST LAB open studio sessions, and more.


participating artists will be provided with a unique opportunity to creatively and passionately share their story, inspite viewers in a public space, and engage participants in a thought-povoking manner. each artist will work in a dedicated space. participating artists are encouraged to approach URBAN VOID from a "story creator" angle and express their interpretation and definition of 'Beyond Art" in a seoul setting.





PLATOON KUNSTHALLE is part of PLATOON Cultural Development, a unique combination of a cultural communication consultancy, creative community, and creativie space with offices in seoul and berlin. PLATOON KUNSTHALLE is dedicated to creating an experimental space for the artists and creatives of seoul.


PLATOON Cultural Development is renowned for its vanguard position in the arts and culture arena. PLATOON KUNSTHALLE provides SHOWCASES of underground artists, studio residencies through its ARTIST LAB program, and a fine selection of cutting-edge stage performances to introduce the energetic potential of subculture in korea and asia to a wider audience.


URBAN VOID is the main showcase of "Beyond Art"





BEYOND ART is enhancing unique artwork inspired by creative cities.

performances and exhibitions are created through collaboration and creative exchange with national and international artists.

upcoming information about art events will be available on the BEYOND CREATIVITY PROJECT and PLATOON website.


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