the story near us, NIMBLEWORKS’ <THE NEAREST ZOO>
THU 8 - SAT 10 AUG


new experiment with the fusion of media, interaction, and performance

the art organization ‘NIMBLEWORKS’ presents the trans-media performance <THE NEAREST ZOO>. THE NEAREST ZOO is a fusion of interation and performance, and it is a work chosen by SEOUL FOUNDATION FOR ARTS AND CULTURE at 2013 ARTS SUPPORT PROGRAM.

THE NEAREST ZOO unfolds its story of a crime with five different viewpoints. one day, an unknown corpse is discovered at a village named ‘MAGPIE HILL’ which had a nickname of ‘ZOO’. story starts with a detective, who thought the case was interesting, meeting people who lived at ZOO one by one and investigating them. a woman, a student, an office worker, and a thug with anxious looks all have different memories of a victim. their different anxieties all lead to one end. the detective combine different memories and the case faces the new situation.

the show uses smart phone app to interact with audiences, induces active participations from the audience with real time cameras attached to actors and actresses, and uses exhibitions, computer web, and others beside the performance stage to expand the limited space interacting with the audience. THE NEAREST ZOO expressed all these with various media which cannot be expressed only one medium.


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