Fri 30 September · Time: 08:00 PM

with louis quatorze

SOUVENIRS FROM EARTH is an international cable tv station that presents video art from all over the world and develops new forms of art distribution. around the clock, high quality contents based on video art, film, visual art, music, installations and performances is screened, curated by founder, artist MARCUS KREISS and curator, artist ALEC CRICHTON


SOUVENIRS FROM EARTH invites you to the official launching party in korea. works especially curated for this event will be screened.


*no entrance fee


participating artists


JEFF MANZETTI and JULIANNE ROSE (fashion/motion photographers)

with the digital age of cross platform tablets and smart phones, they have transformed themselves into “motion photographers” including video and sound design in their productions. under different names, JEFF MANZETTI and JULIANNE ROSE have been exploring metaphysical territories and pure art forms in video as well.


- ROBERT CAHEN (video artist) 

born in 1945, ROBERT CAHEN is one of the pioneers of video art. after graduating under PIERRE SCHAFFER, CAHEN experiments new sound and image techniques in the 70’s. from 1973 he works on developing new forms. in 1983 he created JUSTE LE TEMPS considered as a milestone of the video history in the 80’s. in 1995 he received the ZKM GRAND PRIZE. in 2010, he got a retrospective at LE JEU DE PAUME in PARIS.


DANIEL MASSON (composer, producer and guitarist)

known for his musical contribution to the hugely popular compilations of BUDDHA BAR, DANIEL MASSON established himself as one of the names in electro world-chillout music. his latest allbum “FREQUENCIES” was released in 2011 on the JUNGLE RECORDS.


SOUVENIRS FROM EARTH is always looking for inspiring works, so why don't you give it a try and SUBMIT YOUR WORKS?

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