Thu 15 May · Time: 09:00 PM

THU 15 ~ THU 22 MAY

Jiwoong Yoon solo show " A E OO "
THU 15 ~ THU 22 MAY

using various genres and styles of painting, drawing, photo, design and performance, artist Jiwoong Yoon creates a Facebook environment at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE. Yoon's solo show " A E OO " is the multimedia installation tributing to Facebook for its immense impact on contemporary online culture. Facebook is the biggest social networking service in the world, and billions of people use Facebook daily and get influenced by. for its representability of the current 'Globalism' Phenomena, Yoon curated a tribute exhibition to Facebook.

he exhibited the online exhibition "AEOO" on Facebook in 2012, and 2014 version is the extended and combined format of its online and offline contents. specially for the opening, there will be a "Facebook Performance" using Facebook-specific functions so the audiences can interact instantly on their mobile phones.


for detailed info, visit his event page: Jiwoong Yoon solo show " A E OO "


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