Q. pojang macha on the street is often made out of different materials, cluster of various form, assembly of unfinished + non-professional design. people often think that combination of those create interesting local activities, vernacular form and intimate atmosphere. now, you simplify and made them nude. (very nicely organized & super clean) what is your argument?

A. this structure is a skeleton, which can be arranged in many different variations to create different spaces and non-spaces. from this skeleton further more can be added, assembled onto to enhance or alter the spacial qualities or the atmosphere. a plastic sheet can be attached to the side frame to create a "wall" by doing this a circulation space could become a closed space. Depending on where you place the roof on the grid, will change between inside and outside space. All this changes are possible with this skeleton. also collaborating with VAKKI ( a collaboration pattern artist) she will apply her own 'colours' pattern to the roof and the walls in an act of personalization.


Q. how special is your new design?  why is it better than regular pojang macha?

A. i don't want it to be a better pojang macha. I wanted to take with me some qualities that pojangmachas have to create a new architectural language. this design is very portable (it all gets disassembled) and can work alone as one module or can be arranged with many more. it offers flexibility with spacial arrangements and yet offers intimate atmosphere that pojangmachas and self-made small temporary structures have.  



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whenever ELOQUENCE MAGAZINE's editor-in-chief comes to PLATOON KUNSTHALLE, it seems like he fills the whole office space. this big guy, WOOCHI JEON, is one of the key players in making POJANG MACHA PROJECT VOL. 5 happen.

1. please introduce the role of ELOQUENCE MAGAZINE for the POJANG MACHA PROJECT.
ELOQUENCE is known for the magazine which introduces creators from all over the world, but on the other hand, our role is to find these creators and endorse their projects. because ELOQUENCE have started working together from the bare beginnings of POJANG MACHA PROJECT, we have a very intense relationship. ELOQUENCE's role is to find POJANG MACHA PROJECT's justification and vitality while researching the ways to broaden its territory within its field. this work involves the strengthening of its concept, researching of its progress, planning of collaborations, etc.
2. first impression of TAEHO KIM?
I met TAEHO KIM at the first CUT & PASTE held at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE. I was the video director for CUT & PASTE, and TAEHO KIM won in the 3D sector. i got to personally meet him while interviewing TAEHO. back then, his korean was not the best, but after a couple of drinking nights, we had become closer than expected. and through that, i was able to meet the other architect of POJANG MACHA PROJECT, TAEBEOM KIM. one day, the two of them brought the first blueprints for POJANG MACHA PROJECT and inquired about the exhibition of such. coming from abroad, they were fascinated with the pojang macha culture and it was the center of their fresh new research concept. the two's work was exceptionally intriguing, thus i proposed for this to be something to be enjoyed with multitude of people instead of a mere exhibition. at that moment, i had just started the renewal of ELOQUENCE MAGAZINE, and had looked into the recruitment of various directors of creators just like the POJANG MACHA PROJECT's founders.

3.what fuels your partnership with creators like TAE HO KIM and others that you meet through your job?
i meet diverse creators via my work. majority of the media like to observe and then to introduce them, but for me, i like to directly commit to them. perhaps it can be labelled as 'innate personality;' i like to directly physically feel whenever i do something. i don't mean to sound creepy, but personally, i like to do the 'fieldwork,' arguing and solving problems for the result. i am the editor-in-chief, but i don't only do the editor's work but i create and sometimes even execute the projects. i'm not satisfied with the introduction of objects and developers, and this is due to my personality. of course, this is not always beneficial, for this kind of direct commitment follows that much responsibility. majority of the creators have especially strong charisma and are sensitive to their own styles. therefore, one can imagine that it is not the easiest job to have these creators to collaborate, and there are times where the results are not the best. however, that is why this challenge is so appealing. i am looking for the 'commercial partner' outside the realm of creative collaborations, and in order to reach that creative commercial partnership culture, such 'experience and course' is needed.

4. don't think! just write whatever that you associate/think of when you read the following words:
food: the world is connected through food.
art: the beginning and the end method of leveraging one's life quality.
culture: culture is playground.
work: something i don't really want to do.
international: enjoyable challenge.
platoon: brotherhood.
pojang macha project: the grand voyage.



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short introductions of the chefs! 


food director + korean chef: FOODLAB's G.O!

a korean chef specializing in variety of genres of artwork and experimenting with creative cuisines. he has worked before in london as a french chef, and now joins POJANG MACHA PROJECT yet again.

a famous group of chefs all working at the restaurant, HO HWA DAE BAN JEOM in mokpo. perfectionists in their culinary discipline of korean-chinese food. as this group have a mix of the oung and the old, they are always of attention in the country.


SEON SUL JIB (japanese)
always equipped with the fresh ingredients and cleanly cut methods, a hongdae favorite comes to POJANG MACHA PROJECT to show us their skills already acknowledged by many experts.



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art director, VAKKI.



VAKKI, PLATOON SEOUL's own resident artist has recently crossed the open waters to visit and work at PLATOON BERLIN. her jet lag has gone down, so PLATOON SEOUL pinned her down for a short interview!


1. first impression of the KUNSTHALLE in berlin?
i arrived at BERLIN KUNSTHALLE as the first destination of my europe tour. it was located in the center of city of berlin as i have heard. the containers which are the signature identity for the kunsthalle is even more densely connected. due to the generous berlin kunsthalle staff members who managed my exhibition schedule and its execution ever so swiftly, that the whole feel was friendly and comfortable. also, because i am currently one of artists in lab resident in PLATOON SEOUL, the berlin kunsthalle was as if coming to my studio.

2. what did you do in berlin?
i had a showcase exhibition called, UNITE DIVISION OF SEOUL for 15 days of my prints and video work, and i also vj-ed every week at the weekly music party event at the kunsthalle.

3. does VJing change a lot for different audiences?
one side is open through windows and through such space in the kunsthalle, one can connect with the people outside. i could see the faces and expressions of berliners who stop to peer into my work and take time to have small chat with each other. this reaction was exceptionally appealing.
maybe it is because i used heterogenous color elements along with unique visual mapping that the emotional reactions from the people of berlin -- and europe in a holistic approach -- were more of intrigue. additional interest was fueled through my use of korean historical elements from the 70s and the 80s.
and when i VJ-ed, the static space suddenly transformed into something so much more dynamic, complete with a chattering crowd that reacted along with my piece. all of the experiences have been totally memorable for me.

4. the most rewarding moment of your trip is…?
this past trip's purpose was to gain inspiration from the three cities i visited, berlin, paris, and amsterdam, and then to instantly create pieces. both projects, the fashion film executed at paris and the showcase exhibition at berlin, were both through the exchanges with the creatives from the actual places, and thus i got to feel the flow.
the most rewarding element of this trip would be the experience and the inspiration gained by being in touch with new and foreign people at a new and foreign place. the exploration of the improvised feelings at different cities and the unwinding and digesting of these feelings via art and creation was a special, special moment.

5. now that you've been to both of the kunsthalles… what is PLATOON for you?
both kunsthalles constructed with the same concept of containers, is sort of a gate for teleportation between seoul and berlin! haha, and also a peculiar existence… of a friend.

don't miss VAKKI's wondrous activities as she is back at PLATOON SEOUL! she is the one and only art director for POJANG MACHA PROJECT from 21 to 23 DEC. check her work out beforehand to be prepared for what you will see! VAKKI takes you to the fantasies of your brain that you had never thought existed before… ;)




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