Thu 22 March · Time: 08:00 PM


every thursday night, PLATOON KUNSTHALLE‘s OPEN STAGE hosts the finest live music performances in seoul. this time we present the two glamorous female talents, MEN NE MAGGIY and YUKARI!

OPEN STAGE: a show of highly skilled bands introducing their music live on stage!

JAM SESSION: the opportunity for everyone to show off their hidden musical talents and improvise!


*free entrance.

if you are interested in joining as an artist, send us your music, URL and band/project/artist profile to

the fifth music projects:


1. MEN NE MAGGIY: MEN NE MAGGIY's computer-based music is moderately combined with her self-made songs & videos and installation work.


2. YUKARI: making her debut as an electronic musician late last year, YUKARI takes on all the musical responsibility as a composer, computer programmer, singer with her lonesome with her tranquil and mellow sounds.



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