Thu 15 March · Time: 08:00 PM


every thursday night, PLATOON KUNSTHALLE‘s OPEN STAGE hosts the finest live music performances in seoul. this time we present the two rising talents ELEKSTIC and NIGHT O'CLOCK!

OPEN STAGE: a show of highly skilled bands introducing their music live on stage!

JAM SESSION: the opportunity for everyone to show off their hidden musical talents and improvise!


*free entrance.

if you are interested in joining as an artist, send us your music, URL and band/project/artist profile to

the fourth music projects:


1. ELEKSTIC: organized as a group in july, 2011, ELEKSTIC's energetic performance comes from their simply set up instruments along with their trademark drums & synthesizers smartphone apps.


2. NIGHT O'CLOCK: as a new moniker of LEE SUNGWOO band that was initiated in 2010, NIGHT O'CLOCK delivers the truth story of the night within their music for their listeners.

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