Sat 15 December · Time: 08:00 PM


PLATOON KUNSTHALLE presents a special edition of OPEN STAGE with the contemporary dance and jazz performance, DIASPORA, created by SUNNY KIM and KIM SUNG YONG.


their performance DIASPORA fuses contemporary dance and original musical compositions. DIASPORA is a story about the Korean people and the role of memory. a special photography exhibition by SUNG HYUN SOHN accompanies the performance.


Choreography by Kim Sung Yong 

Music by Sunny Kim 

Photography by Sung Hyun Sohn 

Stage Visuals by Seung Jae Jeong 

Dancers Sung Yong Kim Dance Company MOOE 


Musicians: Sunny Kim (voice), Hyun Seok Lee (saxophone, daegum, taepyungso), Jeong Wook Choi (cello), Yoon Seung Cho (piano), Woon Sool Lee (bass), Check Kim (drums) 


All compositions and arrangements by Sunny Kim 




SUNNY KIMa world-renowned jazz vocalist and composer, has performed at numerous festivals and venues in the United States, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, England, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea. winner of the 2012 jazz people readers poll award as vocalist of the year, she is one of the most progressive and representative musicians of the korean jazz scene today. kim is best known internationally for her work as a lead vocalist in jazz master roswell rudd's "roswell rudd quartet," as well as her new album PAINTER'S EYE, released in august 2012, on sunnyside records, a prestigious new york-based jazz label. kim has released one other record of her own compositions and vocals called ANDROID ASCENSION (2008). the album's experimental style has earned her much attention among the korean press as "bjork of korea." The track EVERYWHERE, composed and sung by Kim, was featured in a kim tae yong film, LATE AUTUMN.


KIM SUNG YONG, a skilled korean dancer, continues to push his boundaries of activity. he performs with professional dance companies in paris, france, and was invited for a solo performance at a concert commemorating the opening of ‘DENEUVE’. particularly, he has been solidifying his position in the international dance scene while he has developed performances on various japanese stages including the national aoyama theatre. moreover, he has been one of korea's representative dancers announcing unique artistic value- he continued to his activities in Korea and other countries such as invitation performance at Montauban theater in France and Tanz house in Swiss in 2010 and participated in lots of overseas invitation performances and dance workshops by leading his dance company, DME (DANCE COMPANY MOO-E). He has devoted himself to the role of invitation choreographer of the Korea national contemporary dance company which was firstly founded under the title of Korea and has studied identity and direction of the dance company. 






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