Thu 1 March · Time: 08:00 PM


every thursday night, PLATOON KUNSTHALLE‘s OPEN STAGE hosts the finest live music performances in seoul. this time we present the two rising talents MAGNA FALL and PSYCHICS!

OPEN STAGE: a show of highly skilled bands introducing their music live on stage!

JAM SESSION: the opportunity for everyone to show off their hidden musical talents and improvise!


*free entrance.

if you are interested in joining as an artist, send us your music, URL and band/project/artist profile to

the second music projects:


1. MAGNA FALL: MAGNA FALL is a band project started by three musicians from the U.S. and IRELAND who had relocated to SEOUL. their music style is based on classic rock music that is combined with a twist of modern electronic sounds. with the recent completion of recording their first album, MAGNA FALL are touring around the asian countries such as SOUTH KOREA and JAPAN, CHINA and possibly in TAIWAN in the course of this year.


2. PSYCHICS: after 6 months of breaking in period since last summer, PSYCHICS had a debut concert in december, 2011. as a new emerging band, they are now having the time of their life being involved in CJ TUNE UP competition and many other upcoming live shows. with their unique mixture of electronic sounds and GARAGE ROCK, PSYCHICS will be coming into the spotlight at the OPEN STAGE.


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