Thu 23 February · Time: 08:00 PM


PLATOON KUNSTHALLE proudly presents the kick-off for a new series we have been preparing in the last weeks: OPEN STAGE. under the concept "INTERMEDIATION + SOUND + PLAY," musicians with brilliant musical skills will perform live every thursday at 8PM connecting people to people and generation to generation within the space.

OPEN STAGE: 2 outstanding music projects selected by the PLATOON KUNSTHALLE team introduce their songs and tracks in a liveshow.

JAM SESSION: a freestyle jam session will be hosted by the open stage musicians improvising with their own musical instruments and calling for audience participation right into the show.


*free entrance.

if you are interested in joining as an artist, send us your music, URL and band/project/artist profile to

the first music projects:


1. YOON NA-RA: within the past two years of his activity in music industry, YOON NARA has accomplished many things as an acoustic singer-songwriter in KOREA. starting from his band project, NARA in 2010, he released his single EP in early 2011 where he began to perform on his own. stay tuned for his upcoming gig at the inaugural OPEN STAGE show.


2. LOVE X STEREO: LOVE X STEREO is a korean electronic rock band whose music is based on alternative, punk rock from the 90's. their music covers a wide range of synthesizing techniques and a number of sounds effects inviting you to the world of experimental danceable music. with each of the members possessing more than a decade of experience under their belt, the sound testifies to all they have achieved to date. Its members are more sensitive to their sound than anyone else, and they focus on the “live quality” to the point of not making any music without this characteristic. people are watching with interest to see the next step taken by these consummate professionals, who handle all of their own composing, lyrics, and producing, as well as recording, mixing and mastering.


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