Wed 12 January · Time: 08:00 PM

open dialogue


PLATOON KUNSTHALLE is starting a monthly presentation and discussion format. OPEN DIALOGUE will be a platform to exchange ideas and experiences regarding issues that affect creative communities.
small presentations will provide an inspiration to talk about the past, present and future of creative communities. for this session we will have 3 presentations:
· PLATOON presents its concept of global networking
· SONG HOJUN will talk about his strategic approach to networking, and the technologies involved.
· FOUNDATION will talk about its networking achievements and the decision to focus on a local/national level.



"networking" is an essential dimension of creative work. networking itself has various functions, it is a basic activity to create communities, creates situations for exchanging information and defines the range of an individual's or a collective's creative activities. we would like to exchange ideas and experiences regarding different dimensions of community building  and discuss networking strategies.

questions that could be touched during the OPEN DIALOGUE session:
· does your idea of networking work on a national or international level? why?
· do communication technologies influence the way you network? how?
· which value does networking have for your work?


if you want to participate in the open dialogue, please register with an email to:

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