Mon 26 May · Time: 08:00 PM

MON 26 & TUE 27 MAY


MON 26 & TUE 27 MAY


choreographer Hyoung min and Tommi is performing their dance program GUEST at Platoon Kunsthalle.

each year, thousands of North Korean people are crossing Chinese border to look for freedom. it's like their inevitable decision, since that is the only way to escape severe famine. yet, their presences are not guaranteed in China.
approximately more than ten thousands of North Korean defectors are living in China illegally. when they cannot get away with their situation, they're immediately sent back to North Korea and once they step back into their country, all sorts of harassment await them - reeducation, torture, escape and worst comes, death penalty.

when first read the article of North Korean defectors ten years ago - that was the start of Korean choreographer Hyungmin to plan his dance performance GUEST with his choreography partner Tommi. through intense research on defectors from Iraq and Afghanistan by visiting Defectors center in Berlin, she became to understand and express better his dance program GUEST.

on muddy ground, the two ceaselessly run towards somewhere. they keep falling down but immediately bounces off the ground to keep chasing. by portraying apparently harassed situation, they express the struggle through their body movements.


* special public talk with performers will be ready after the show at 9:30pm.

* admission free.

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