Fri 17 January · Time: 11:18 AM

New world in Kunsthalle



contemporary dance, video art, installation art, short film, orchestra.
all of mentioned above gather at one place - defining a multi-art, it aims to work with artists in various areas.

out of one main concept, GROUND ZERO PROJECT produces several version of it - video art, contemporary dance, orchestra simultaneously and in fusion. they continuously work through different media, not just as an one-off collaboration.

as the name GROUND ZERO PROJECT indicates, they intend to spread their artistic influence slowly through their project.

'spatial deformation' is another style they're trying out - presenting it for the first time at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE, they change the project according to the space of PLATOON KUNSTHALLE.





- PLOT- 

This work is a journey and search from reality to the path of hopes and dreams seeking to find another time and space away from the stereotypes of society and mechanical everyday life.


The human dream is sometimes clear and at other times has an obscure form. 


Work? New World? does not attempt to construct a new world, but attempts to bring to light the world of unconsciousness through the reconstruction of an already formed self-ego.

It is a story of the daydreamers who dream of creating another self-ego not through the individual who has been well constructed by society’s education and boundaries but through the awakening of the essential being of my self-ego. 



Director and Choreographer - Hyuk-jin Jeon
Assistant Choreographer and Dramaturgie - Sung-woo CHUN
Dancers : Bo-young AN, Jee-hee LEE, Whan-hee KIM, Jung-in LEE,Sung-woo CHUN, Hyuk-jin Jeon
Musicians: Eui-jung HONG,Hae-bin LEEM,Young-eun LEE, Tae-hyun LEE,Ji-soo HWANG, Mi-ri LIM


Stage designer and director - Seung-jae JUNG
DJ and Music director - Dong-hyun KIM (DJ badlow),Min-soo LEE
Video director - Gap-rae KIM,Young-gwan LEE, Orange bomb
Photographer - Jin-woo MOK
Video director - Jin-woo MOK

Production - Ground Zero Project
Sponsor - Seoul Foundation for Arts & Culture, Seoul Art Space, JT International,  Art Council KOREA, Orange Bomb, Platoon Kunsthalle




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