Fri 9 October - Sat 24 October

germany's architecture
a voyage in diverse scales

architecture deals with creative design of urban space. architectural concepts, once they are realized, become a part of a city itself. on a smaller scale the same is true for PLATOON KUNSTHALLE, where the concept of shipping containers as icons for a globalized culture becomes an inherent part of the building. but there are fundamental local differences in which role architecture plays for the (trans-)formation of a city, like construction regulations or the meaning of public space.
as part of the seoul design olympiad 2009, this exhibtion, organized by the german embassy in seoul and NAX – network for architecture exchange of the federal chamber of german architects – presents a selection of german architects and their works. the exhibition is divided into three parts and presents a crosssection through the diverse scales of contemporary architecture.


part A – NAX paten (NAX support group) presents a selection of
fine architectural firms from germany. these german architects
have already aquired an international reputation.


part B – “da! architecture in and from berlin”
the chamber of berlin architects presents a broad range of
selected architecture. 63 current projects are arranged in the
categories residential buildings, buildings for offices and trade,
public buildings and landscaping.


part C – “master builders – german architects worldwide”
by deutsche welle tv. suburban towns in china, soccer stadiums
in south africa, high-rises in dubai: to be a top architect you
have to think big! this interview series of dw-tv introduces five
young architect teams enjoying their first experiences abroad
and accompanies them to their construction sites around the
world to get an insider’s view of the new buildings.


for questions regarding german architecture and architects,
please contact mr. ralf zabel, NAX representative in korea:


the exhibition is openend from 9 october – 24 october, 11am – 8pm.


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